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Security System
Safety, Security, Protection
The security systems division of Opal, installs & maintains a range of top line security equipment from the market leaders, such as access control, CCTV systems, security alarms, networked CCTV / video over IP, security & fire monitoring systems.

OPAL  has experience in expert design assistance, project management, installation and testing.
To position ourselves to be in the forefront of our emerging industry, OPAL  chose to be a total solutions provider.
A single point of contact for all of your communications and low voltage needs is what separates us from the pack.

By having one point of contact for the above-mentioned OPAL  services, many benefits can be achieved. They are as

• Single point of contact for multiple tasks
• Money savings
• Efficiencies in labor and materials
• Better design and installation
• Trained, certified technician
Video Analytics Software
People Counting ,Vehicle Monitoring.
Auto Track Detection ,Intrusion Detection
Left/Removed Object Detection
Loitering Detection ,Classification Detection
Tamper Detection, Advanced Motion Detection

OPAL is aggressively focused on staying at the pinnacle of the system integration industry, and is undoubtedly a leading player in Security Systems. OPAL has the capability to execute large and complex projectand is completely geared up to provide turnkey solutions from start to finish with flair. Our strength vests in in-house intellectual talent, expert teams with an  mphasis on Next Generation technology and huge infrastructure.Our competencies would best be described by the vast industry segments we cater to, be it finance, healthcare, education, government, non-governmental organizations, energy and utilities, the hospitality industry, etc. A perfect blend of technology fused with customization, and innovation with  ntellectual talent - that’s precisely what OPAL is all about!